Comedian Trevor Noah has just gone on the Daily Show and poked a tremendous amount of fun at the demonitisation bid by the Indian Government, as well as the directive of the Supreme Court to play the national anthem before the screening of films.

It would be a lot more appropriate for a political commentator take note of the matters and have an analysis meant for a politically discerning audience, but Noah has gone a step further and actually mimicked the Indian national anthem on screen while suggesting ways the anthem will be used in future by the Indian government to instill a sense of patriotism in its citizens.

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WTF Noah! We appreciate your concern, but in no way like the way you just faked an Indian accent and bobbed your head side-to-side in complete disrespect to everything that the anthem stands for! Being a comedian of colour, we’d have expected you to understand how much undeserved ridicule Indians already face through no fault of their own. And also, for your information, enough Indians have already spoken up against both the Supreme Court decree and the demonitisation.

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