Having a sexy fantasy every night? There is a good news for people, who have a habit of dreaming erotic scenes with a total stranger. The research by a famous Israeli psychologist has revealed that sexual fantasies are absolutely normal and dreaming them in no way harm a person’s relationship.

sex fantasy

So what do these dreams mean? Why do we dream of having sexual encounters with the next door neighbour, who doesn’t even attract us a bit in our conscious world? The truth is, we women want to be irresistible. We in our subconscious realm want every man out there to want us. So, dreaming of having sexual fantasies might mean for many that they have in reality the fear of not being irresistible. So, having such a dream might reflect that the person is having low self-esteem and fears of sexual inadequacy.

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sex fantasy

Women at times worry about being dominant in bed. They think that acting dominant in bed will make them look less feminine. So, during sexual fantasies, the women enjoy the freedom they refuse to enjoy in real life. This might also be a reason why women have such fierce sexual fantasies.

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