Morgue worker got pregnant after having sex with a dead man. According to history, people have reportedly had the desire to have sex with dead bodies. Necrophilia has even been reported in the old Egyptian times. The Egyptian pottery shows that people used to have sex with the dead.

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dead man

During the great wars, the soldiers used to abuse the dead bodies of their enemies. Necrophilia begins with unusual sexual attractions that gradually evolves into strong sexual urges. The psychiatric team of Jonathan P. Rosman published their findings on this subject in 1989.

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dead man

Felicity Mermaduke used to have sex with dead bodies in her morgue. She began to act on her sexual desires by having sex with dead bodies in the morgue. The woman claims that the dead man even had an orgasm during their act. She took a pregnancy test and found herself pregnant with the dead man. The doctor called the authorities and she was arrested soon after. She was charged with the desecration of the dead and for Necrophilia.

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