There is a large section of people who love to have parked car sex. Yes, apparently a new study has found that most people love car sex. The University of South Dakota came up with this finding after inquiring 706 undergraduates, of which 195 were men, and 511 were women. They were asked questions on their car-sex habits.

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parked car sex

The research found that 61% of men and 59.5% of women hooked up in a car. Out of the 422 students, 14% were found to have lost their virginity first time in a car. The lead researcher, USD psychologist Dr Cindy Struckman-Johnson says,

“Sex and cars have gone together since the car was invented,”

“These data, including personal stories of memorable incidents, revealed that despite discomfort, body bumps, and risk of being caught, sex while parked was primarily a positive sexual and romantic experience for both men and women,”

parked car sex

Many critics are saying that this is a completely new way of looking at this trending sexual phenomenon. 

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