New Jersey lesbians are facing a new crisis in the recent times. One lesbian pair is in talks about suing the state officials for a law that they say is discriminating same-sex partnership.


According to the law, a couple can only obtain insurance coverage for their fertility treatments once they engage in unprotected heterosexual intercourse. On top of this, the law also requires them to get medically diagnosed after the intercourse.

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One of the couples suing the state said that they had gone through 6 miscarriages in the past and had to pay $50,000 for treatments. The state didn’t cover their treatments since they didn’t meet the law’s requirements.

The suit reads as,

“Every day that New Jersey law continues to exclude women in same-sex relationships from the protections of the infertility mandate, these women must either wait for the law to change as their childbearing years continue to slip away or, if they have any available resources, bankrupting themselves and their families in order to pay for fertility care that is automatically covered for straight women,”

Maybe, New Jersey needs to improve its law in lightning speed, before it’s too late.


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