What if you get a chance to gain name, fame and money? Everybody would probably say yes. But what if those aspiring actors were offered work in a pornographic film?

Recently, a video is out on YouTube in which some actors are called for audition. On the surface, it seemed to be no different from any other audition that excites any actor. But…there was a catch! The audition started off in a simple, casual way of profile descriptions, but then something unusual happened. Something that made every actor slip into an awkward situation.

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The actors auditioning were asked to work in porn films and then out came the hilarious reactions. A few agreed to the deal but others refused even while some went into the complete confusion zone.

This audition video was not real, to be truthful. It was a fun prank by YouTube channel Gags Basket that will tickle your funny bones…

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Watch out full video below:


For more funny pranks visit the official You Tube channel of Gag Basket!

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