Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge? The one where we were supposed to pour chilled iced water upon ourselves in the freezing winter? Yes, that one. The challenge started to spread awareness for the disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. We saw the entire world taking part in it, including many well-known celebrities. Even many Indian celebrities took part in it. This time, the internet has gone crazy with another challenge and this one is called the mannequin challenge.

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A bunch of high school students started this mannequin challenge to gain some likes on social media. We can assume this because there is no solid reason to begin this whatsoever. This challenge has been both ridiculed and praised on social media. Let’s see how Indians will react to this challenge in the coming days.

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You can take part in this challenge with this hashtag, #mannequinchallenge.

For now, watch the video,

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