Pick-pocketing is a criminal offense. If caught, you can be jailed. This is a rule that everyone knows, except this man in the video perhaps. A man stole something valuable from a man, but then he saw that there was a CCTV camera right above him. He thought for a second and realized, there is no way but to retreat from the act. So what did he do next?

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The pick-pocketer threw the purse on the ground and then asked the man, still talking to someone to notice. The man noticed and thanked the pick-pocketer, but little did he know that it was the man who stole his purse in the first place. The omnipotent camera, the all seeing eye knew all along.

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Things became funny when the authorities thought of uploading the video online. Since then it has gone viral. People since then have made many trolls and even made a GIF on it.

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