Can you really ask your loved one not to eat anything just because he is fat? Can obesity be the valid reason to tease and humiliate people in public?

Watch this video down here in which you can clearly see a woman humiliating a fat boy. These people are standing in a queue probably to buy some food. The girl standing in the queue next to the fat boy asks him to leave. The slim says that the fat man should not eat because he is already too fat.

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The girl calls him being ‘fat slammed’. She can be seen saying, “Why don’t you just leave, you are way too fat already”. The fat boy replied that he want something to eat. His decent reply wasn’t enough for her and the girl along with her friend kept on bullying him. She pointed him to others saying, “look at him. You should stop eating asap”.

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Nobody present there liked the extreme reaction of these girls. A man volunteered into the entire scenario. He said not to talk to him (the fat man) like this. The two girls even messed with him saying that “Neither of them should be eating anymore”. What did this man do with these girls will leave you stunned.

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Watch the video down here:


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