Fairy tales come to life when Disney sets foot on any project. We already know that beauty and the beast is one of the most ambitious projects of the production house till date. The film set to release in the year 2017 has come up with their first official trailer.

We all know the story of the Beast and the beauty. A heartless prince turned into a menacing creature after it refused to help an ailing woman, the story of this fairytale is not just how the beast is saved from the curse but is also of Belle, who is saved from the curse of being too proud.

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official trailer

The story unravels the demons of the both the characters, as they try to grow up and find love in each other. They learn the beautiful things, learn to accept one another in their ugly forms and then fall in love.

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Coming to the trailer, we have something to point on, such as the music that sets a mysterious mood from the very beginning. The Beat’s anguish is reflected on his torn childhood portraits on the wall. The trailer reflects the fact that people are always afraid to fall in love, and that we shouldn’t be afraid after all.

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