Biolite Stove: Harnessing energy becomes most practical and easy with this new device from BioLite. While we were growing up with watching huge turbines convert thermal energy to electrical energy, scientists from BioLite invented this new technology which helps people use both thermal and electrical energy. This device works on incinerating wood inside the stove, which then converts the thermal energy to electrical energy of about 2W.

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The BioLite CampStove generates usable electricity for charging LED lights, mobile phones and other electronic gadgets. Since it burns only wood, this device is smokeless, and works great as a camping equipment, as well as a domestic equipment.

With the introduction of this gadget, BioLite aims its distribution for areas with low or no electricity supplies, and for outdoor campers. Indeed, this is quite a device which allows easy access to electricity in places where there is a scarcity. Simply burning wood, which is more readily available, over other fossil fuels, which are inaccessible and expensive, perhaps makes this a perfect utility device. Allowing one to charge their phone, without ever worrying about the battery life, beside a campfire, this technology is available for $130USD.

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