Have you seen the making of “The Humma Song”? The making of the song shows how a unit of amazing production people is required to produce or should I say, recreate a classic Mani Ratnam song. The new version cannot be compared to the old one and even Aditya and Shraddha Kapoor agreed that they didn’t want to recreate the original or could claim to bring it back.

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The song “Humma Humma”, the original one was featured in the 1995 film, Bombay. The song became a huge hit at the time of release and since then it has been considered a Mani ratnam and A.R Rahman classic. So, when the duo once again tried recreating the song, we thought – Why not? This new one cannot be compared with the classic, but yes we can say that both Aditya and Sraddha had given their best to charm the audience.

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