Video: Prankster who is just 8 years old!
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The next generation is surely way ahead of us, and this girl proves it just right!

She is a prank mistress at the age of 8! Yes, an 8 year-old can prank on people better than most of the adults do these days with the lousy prank tricks!

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She is from Ireland. And like any 8 year-old, she doesn’t like her school!

She wants her school demolished, so what she does is, she calls a demolition company and asks the workers there to demolish her school. And not only the school, but the teachers along with it. She tries to confirm it over and over that her teachers are inside the school when the school is being demolished! Well, we’ve all hated our teachers but taking revenge this way is surely something new! LOL.

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See the video here,

source: AwesomeJelly

Well, she’s one hell of a prankster!

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