Science has discovered a new way of treating second-degree burns and it is a brilliant one. This is a one of a kind of a solution for treating burns, which is way faster than anything you have ever seen. Compared to conventional treatments, this treatment is better because of the enormous quantity of collagen in fish scales. The application of fish scales has helped Maria Da Silva to gain a wonderful body. The doctors Maria’s wounds with great care and helped her to recover sooner than what traditional ointments usually take.

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The Tilapia skin was left on Maria Ines’s left arm, neck and face for 11 days before being removed.

Doctors kept the fish skin on her left hand for longer as these wounds were deeper.

Over the course of 20 days, the fish strips on her hand were replaced several times to allow more time to restore the damaged tissue.

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The former waitress visited outpatients every two days during this time to check her bandages were intact.

Doctor’s removed the fish skin using petroleum jelly to lift, slide and ease the dressing away from the healed area.

The fish strips form a mould over the wound and almost appear as if they are part of the body.

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