Tigers are majestic creatures and this video proves that fact all over again. In the Siberian snowy jungles, some people tried capturing footage of the snow clad tigers. They used drones for flying cameras close to the tigers. the tigers seem to not like the sudden intrusion they face from the cameras and unusual flying objects. They are even ready to hunt down the drones if they ever get their paws on them.

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Tigers are usually considered one of the biggest predators from the cat family. They have an equal pride as of the lions. They are quite proud and hate all kinds of intrusion from objects that hey are not well aware of. So, when this drones tried interfering in the privacy of these tigers, they just couldn’t control their temper. the tigers can be seen leaping forward to catch the drones. However, they could never get hold of these flying drones.

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The camera was able to capture the lifestyle of these tigers and was also able to capture their reactions. Scientists always use drones to get close to animals to know their behavioural pattern.

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