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The audience applauded as a poorly dancer died on stage. They thought that the actor falling down suddenly on stage was also part of the play. The 48-year-old man was performing a traditional lezginka dance when he fell ill.

The performance, which was recorded by a member of the audience on a smartphone , shows him collapsing to the floor while performing in the town of Urus-Martan in south-western Russia’s Chechen Republic. The man, named as R Khusainov, was performing energetically at a Mother’s Day concert while singer Liza Akhmatova performed a Chechen song.

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But the actor suddenly appeared to lose his footing and fall. Ms Akhmatova was seen carrying on singing and dancing around him, unaware what has actually happened.

The audience can be heard laughing and whooping in the background as she can be heard saying jokily,

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“Hey, he stopped it”, before urging the audience to give Mr Khusainov a round of applause.

However, things became clear quickly as other members of the play came on the stage to check upon the dancer.

Paramedics were called and arrived quickly at the venue but Mr Khusainov, who worked as a children’s dance teacher, was already dead.

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They said that the dancer, who had a history of heart disease , had died from a cardiac arrest. The Lezginka is a traditional dance of the Lezgins, an ethnic group in the Caucasus region, and is performed by many other groups including Chechens and Cossacks.

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