Brave men saved woman and a dog from drowning in flooding waters of Louisiana. These men helped a woman and a dog floating helplessly in the flooding water in Louisiana. The men found her and left no stone unturned to save her as well as the dog. both of them were stuck inside a car and the men while saving them filmed the entire event. The whole event was breathtaking. the men first tried breaking the window, but couldn’t do that because of the strong currents. One of the men then jumped into the water and opened up the topmost opening of the car.

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The woman was saved in no time, but the dog couldn’t be found. The woman really didn’t want to let go of her dog and said she would go into the water to find her pet. But the man who had jumped into the water to save them found the dog in no time and then all were saved.

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The events were too quick and this all happened pretty quickly. Watch the video on the next to know what we have been talking about.

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