Dreadful situations like heavy flood, we humans lose fate, this dog sets an example. Watch how this brave dog saves two lives in danger!

As the time when we need to use our brains to get out of a situation, we usually end up in panic but this dog has got patience and brain together. Two of his friends have lost their way in a boat and seeking help, this dog risks its life to save them. A complete example of bravery!

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Watch how this dog effortlessly doesn’t care about his life and steps forward to save its friends crying for help. The two other dogs can be seen on a boat, they are continuously barking as if they want an emergency help. Its friend, the one dog which is on the river bank could not stop helping the other two dogs in the problem.

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This dog enters into the flowing water and keeps on going into the deep water unless it finds the rope of the boat. It pulls up the boat on which his two friends were and brings it to the safer point.

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Watch this video down here and see how a panic situation can be dealt with:


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