If you are running low on money, then this is the best option for you. Coventry University wants to film couples between the age 18 and 25  to have sex on camera.

This films will be shot in a tasteful manner and that is why real couples would be hired for it. A bit raunchier than the usual, this time, they are set to come up with a video that will feature something better than the usual. This advertisement made many students sign up for the video!

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The idea behind the video is to promote safe sex. The video featuring real couples will show that putting on a condom for safe sex doesn’t ruin the mood. The NHS currently spends £620 million a year treating STIs. According to experts, this happens mainly because people tag condom as ‘unsexy’. They think a trip to the GUM clinic is way cooler than reaching for the condom. Sounds pretty stupid, don’t you think?

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