According to the Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, the way US Republican presidential nominee talks, it seems like Donald Trump supports terrorists.

Clinton, who made her third appearance on the popular talk show “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”, spattered with humour and witty comebacks and discussed the ongoing presidential elections with the show’s host Kimmel, putting to rest rumours about her poor health, reports

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“There’s enough evidence now that when Trump talks the way he talks, it actually helps the terrorists because they make a case as they make with this comment –

‘Oh well, see, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, they created ISIS.

We heard this from Donald Trump who is running for President,” Clinton said when questioned about Trump’s allegations that Clinton and her party support ISIS.

“He is a Republican nominee!’ So I think it’s crazy but I also think it’s harmful,” she added.

Clinton also said she would “prefer to be running against somebody who she thought was qualified to be President and temperamentally fit”.

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When Kimmel questioned Clinton about what she felt the Republican party’s reaction was to Trump, she stated that a number of Republicans are in fact endorsing her and writing letters to her too.

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