Today, 21st December, 2016 is the December solstice day for the Northern Hemisphere of the Globe. It marks the longest night and the shortest day in the Northern Hemisphere, while the Southern Hemisphere experiences the shortest night and the longest day today.

And along with that, the Earth is going to experience a solstice lunar eclipse today making tonight the longest and darkest in a pretty long time – 500 years.

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NYU science journalism professor John Rennie explains what the northerners are likely to see in the wee hours of the morning:
1. Faint penumbral dimming of the moon’s disk.
2. Pervasive creeping sensations of unease.
3. Howling of wolves.
4. Unclean things walk the earth; Dick Cheney rises from the grave.
5. Contortion of the zodiac.
6. Intrusion of strange dimensions.
7. Universal gibbering madness.
8. Cthulhu.
9. A glimmer of sanity in the chaos.
10. Restoration of Euclidean geometry.
11. Fungal Mi-go from Yuggoth return captive brains to their rightful owners.
12. Applause, followed by waffles for breakfast.

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Err.. Ok. That just might not be the case.

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