Breakups are harder than they appear to be. Not only because it ends a relationship but they have the potential to turn a person capable of love into one that wouldn’t want any trace of it.

In a time when social media and drunk dials do most of the talking (mostly trash); this user, in a Quora thread, has penned his heart as a beautiful message for his ex, somebody he used to know. Read his entire answer here.


It’s been almost a year now since we broke up. I have always wanted to say her a lot of things. But never got the opportunity to open my heart out to her. Things ended on a very bad note and I couldn’t tell her anything.
So here it goes!

Someone asked me if I am over you, l just smiled. I have always had this feeling of ache every time I realise that it’s you and it will always be you. The idea of me loving someone else is a blur right now, and my heart is currently living inside a thought that I can never love somebody more than the way I loved you. As much as I wanted to say “I am over her, I don’t care anymore.” and mean it, I can’t. Because I care. Even if you happen to stumble on my way ten or fifteen years from now, I still and always care.

A lot of people misunderstand this concept of moving on by saying that a true person who has moved on doesn’t care about the past anymore. For me, it doesn’t work that way. Moving on for me is merely an acceptance of what has happened with no regret for what never will. And for a person who loves too much, I can truthfully say that one can never really get over someone who once meant the world to them. We can just get used to the pain and feeling of missing someone until we make ourselves comfortable in it, and I believe that a tiny spark of hope can always reborn what we thought is already dead-love.

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