Looking for something different for your next holiday? Don’t want to spend your precious quality in a boring five star hotel?

This is the perfect place for you to be. Just relax! This hotel in Spain is made of glass. Yes, glass — entirely.

Image courtesy: mimoa.eu

Image courtesy: mimoa.eu

Les Cols Pavellons in Olot, Girona is glass from top-to-bottom. Floors, walls, elevators, lift all glass. Cool isn’t it?

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But the weirdest thing is that you can’t find a ton of privacy here, as even the bathtubs are placed within glass walls.

Image courtesy: bstatic.com

Image courtesy: bstatic.com

But on the very positive side, the hotel has two-Michelin-starred restaurant to take care of your tummy.

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Featured image courtesy: erietaattali.com

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