Bigg Boss season 10 has just seen its first episode but it has started to witness numerous controversies like the one of Akansha Sharma’s.

We have already told you how Akansha Sharma tried to confront her in-laws on the launch stage of Bigg Boss season 10. She is the sister-in-law of the very famous Indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh. Akansha who turned out to be outspoken on Bigg Boss told everything that happened with her in Yuvraj Singh’s home.

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She said that her life during those four months of her marriage with Zoravar Singh (Yuvraj Singh’s younger brother) was no less than a hell. She blamed Yuvraj’s mother Shabnam Singh for treating her like a slave. With this comment, Akansha has invited herself into a new mess, that too legally.

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akansha sharma in bigg boss

As Akansha spoke about her in-laws, Yuvraj’s mother Shabnam has come forward with an explanation and has asked Akansha not to speak anything about her marriage on the social platform she is right now.

Shabnam said that the matter is under judicial consideration, so speaking anything in public is not tolerable. She also told Times group that Akansha have no right to speak about this chapter of her life in public. However, Shabnam has already filed a petition in court about this public statements, she doesn’t want to let the world know about the ugly side of Singh family.

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This petition might increase the Akansha’s trouble in Bigg Boss house.

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