While Aditya is quite active on Instagram and Twitter, Amit has chosen Facebook. Amit’s first Facebook post was in Marathi and then it’s translation in English, both of which said that he wants to “develop congenial relations” with “like-minded people”.

Aditya joined politics in 2010, when he was 20. Amit is joining politics at the age of 25. For these years, although Amit would travel with Raj, he was fiercely protected by his father from the public and the media.

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Creativity has always been a thing for the Thackerays. While Raj Thackeray’s father Shrikant Prabhodankar Thackeray was a music composer, Raj continued his uncle Bal Thackeray’s tradition of drawing caricatures.Now Amit, a commerce graduate from Ruparel College, has shared a sketch of his father that he has done.

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Though it will be very difficult for him to create any impact in the polls to be held on 21st February but one thing for sure, that he will draw a lot of attention.

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