The question of being a 'MAN'!
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MAN, a word that has become synonymous with patriarchy, misogynist, strong and heartless. This photo series tries to debunk that very myth associated with ‘man’. Kolkata based photographer,  Amit Bitto Dey, has tried to deconstruct the idea of being an ideal man, one who tortures, suppresses and inflicts violence by portraying how that very man is a victim of the patriarchal society.

Running between the lines of queer perception and hypocrisy of the society, this photo series aims to open  the eyes of the civilians who are blinded by the societal notion of manhood. A man can love, whether it is a heterosexual relationship or a homosexual relationship, the capability to love is not something alien to the man.  A society where section 377 is being supported by the majority, and the right to love another human being is put under question , is nothing but a farce in the name of democracy.

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The recent developments in Pakistan, where transgender marriage has been called for legalization and India, where a group of homosexual celebrities have challenged the 377, proves that human conscience has started to question the inequalities and injustices! At the wake of all this, this photo series tries to show how the man who is held at the prime of society is questioned and marginalized for loving another man.

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The photo series consists of pictures of two male models and a female model being portrayed as a three way couple. The man is loved by both the man and the woman. The rest of it can be interpreted through these pictures. The series is titled “To His Coy Mistress”, now you are at the helm of interpreting either of them as a coy mistress because both are his mistresses and both of them have been forced to become reticent by the society!

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Here is the photo series,


All the pictures belong to Amit Bittoo Dey.

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