Exercising is fun for those who are passionate about working out. But for those who are not, it becomes really irritating to follow this compulsory daily routine to lose that fat in your belly. Especially, exercising becomes more difficult when you are a mother to a young baby. It’s hard to squeeze in time for workouts amid cooking meals and changing diapers. But, like always we have exceptions. This talented mom has perfected the art of workouts along with her cute little baby.

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With myriad of innovative workout skills, this tough mom makes her baby join her workout session and it is a delight to see the ‘mother-baby’ working out together. It seems like they both are enjoying it to the fullest. Your baby lying on your back, lying on your front, walking towards you or running behind you, this mom knows a plethora of tricks to set the baby’s mood and at the same time to keep herself fit.

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