Marriage! The word that defines the bond of two souls! Whether it’s the bride or the groom, each of them feel a bit uncomfortable for the life ahead. Not only for the married life, but they are also uncomfortable anticipating the wedding night.

The modern couples often plan to make their wedding night a memorable Twilight moment!

But, a survey recently revealed that 20% of the newly wed couples face a wedding night failure. They are said to have a bad experience at the very first make out session. This survey says that one couple out of five, is not able to have perfect sex. This is due to hypertension, bad lifestyle and the tiring rituals during the wedding. They are so tired that the decorated bed kills their romance and the couple just wants to lie down.

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This survey shows that 37% of the newly weds loose sexual desperation due to tiring schedule and 23% of the total, get drunk on the day and are unable to enjoy the moment. Another shocking fact is 8% of the couple don’t even remember if they had sex on the wedding night or not!

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Guys if you want to make your intimate moment a memorable one then spare some time for your partner.

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