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WTF NEWS Mumbai deploys 'smart helmets' to screen for COVID-19

Mumbai deploys 'smart helmets' to screen for COVID-19

As coronavirus infections climb in Mumbai, authorities in India's worst-hit city are turning to high-tech "smart helmets" to speed up screenings and identify suspected cases in the financial capital's densely-populated slums. The portable thermoscanners - previously deployed in Dubai, Italy and China - enable health workers to record the temperatures of dozens of residents per minute and could emerge as a key weapon in Mumbai's quest to eradicate the virus from the city of 18 million.

By Newsdesk - July 23, 2020

New Delhi, 23 July 2020

"Traditional screening methods take a lot of time. You go to a slum with 20,000 people and it takes you three hours to screen 300 people," said Neelu Jain, a medical volunteer affiliated with the non-profit group Bharatiya Jain Sanghatana. As per news report of GulfNews, the helmets were donated to authorities in Mumbai and the nearby city of Pune, which have both been locked in a months-long battle against the pandemic.

Source -Gulf News


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