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TRENDING Rahul Gandhi calls for ‘Opposition unity’ to stand firm against BJP, RSS

Rahul Gandhi calls for ‘Opposition unity’ to stand firm against BJP, RSS

Senior Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday said that Opposition unity was the need of the hour to fight the Centre. Gandhi highlighted the more united the Opposition parties become, the more it will be difficult for the BJP and RSS to suppress their resistant voices.

By Newsdesk - August 3, 2021

New Delhi, 03 August 2021

As per news report of The Indian Express, The breakfast meeting of Opposition leaders from as many as 17 parties from both Houses is underway on Tuesday at the Constitution Club in New Delhi. At the meeting, leaders are forming a strategy to overcome the current stalemate in Parliament. Some parties have proposed holding a mock session outside the Parliament premises. The logjam in Parliament is over the alleged surveillance of Indians by spyware Pegasus. The Opposition has been demanding a structured discussion on the snooping issue in the presence of either Prime Minister Narendra Modi or Home Minister Amit Shah. The government, however, has refused to debate the issue, and others raised by the Opposition. The Opposition has signalled that it will continue to harden its position and draw up plans to set up its offensive against the Centre.



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