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Credit Recovery Live

By Lafda Team - March 17, 2019

We are receiving T-shirts after T-shirts by the courier now a days

Hey it doesn’t cost a fortune online, only 60 rupees

You will order all the stuff if available for 60 rupees? Look we have no space left, the almirah is bursting with clothes

Tell me where it is bursting? Don’t tell me a lie

The cable bill is due for the past 4 months. The cable man daily drops by to irritate me and here you are ordering T-shirt after T-shirt. You never order a piece of suit for me 

When will you pay the cable dues Madam, tell me clearly, no more alibi

Shut up boy, when I have not seen the Tv screen for the past 4 months why should I pay you?

It is your business. Have I ever told you not to see the screen. Man, I have seen you ogling at girls the whole day at that Puttu’s shop. Pay 800 rupees. 

You will expose me and expect me to pay you. I was away for 2 months and only a dog had enjoyed a Tv. First minus that period

Hey don’t talk shit, don’t use your bowl shaped brain too much, just pay me

Bowl shaped brain! So much insult, you scoundrel get out or else I will call the police

Why should I talk to you? You bloody look at your face of a dried brinjal. Now deal with my employer he weighs 150 kgs, enough to get your balls out

Get lost and tell this to Modi

Oh my Lord Ram, so you had been to marriage. This is news. You are simply twiddling your thumb while watching Tv the whole day after you lost the job.

But I don’t have 800 rupees

Hey Ramlotan, how come you are here? Had you sought an appointment?

First earn the respect as much as a small sparrow has. I have 1600 rupees due on you. Pay up   

The milk turn sour 10 times at least, I suffered the loss and here you are asking for money for that shit 

Now get lost, you were telling me it is cow milk. But Mangru’s Mom told us you have a buffalo instead. You are cheating us. God forbid my wife could have became a widow for this cheating

Hey crazy man if a cock doesn’t let out his call, it doesn’t mean the sun is not going to rise. There are many milk man on this street. Get Lost 

Shame shame you liar, You say the milk turn sour. It was buffalo’s milk? You are the worst kind of talkative fellow. You should have use this talent to get a job, not to incur the curse of the poor 

I am trying my best dear

You just lie on bed, watch Tv and buy T-shirts

You are insulting the credit card. You know I am bankrupt

You will have to pay sometime later. You don’t have money to pay for milk and cable Tv. Yet you will buy T-shirts. Trying to look young in this old age. You go to that Puttu’s shop spic-span to ogle those girls, I know all what you do

No girl I don’t ogle them

You certainly ogle wives. Sharma’s wife was telling me you were ogling at her the other day around that corner

Now who are you coming in without notice? It is a home not a public toilet

Pappu ji has sent me, there are grocery dues

Oh Lord Ram, our stars are not in good shape. Only Munna maharaj can propitiate them

What groceries? You delivered not a single grain. We were out to our village for two months

Bro, I see you at Puttu’s shop daily where you ogle at the girls while spinning rings out of the cigarette you smoke there like a film star. Why not give me some tips, I am unable to woo Binty, my neighbour’s daughter. You can make the payment in kind if not in cash

Look how shame less you are, now these next door boys are poking fun at you. They are playing the orchestra for you out there in the gali  

I had come to cut the cable, oh my Gosh!


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