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ENTERTAINMENT Breaking: CBI Interrogation Live

Breaking: CBI Interrogation Live

CBI Interrogation Live

By Lafda Team - March 17, 2019

Hey you have pulled off a big scam

Oh no there is no scam the company was running losses

Nah, Man you took 200 crore rupees in loan and gobbled it down

Sir very single penny has been accounted for, loss profit is mundane

Hey don’t play smart or else I will bury you

Sir we are on fifth floor?

Tell me why did you pay 2 crore rupees to this fake company

Sir this was for 200 tones of cow fodder

Was it really for cow fodder?

Should we bury him in his seat?

Sir why trying to intimidate me when you know my chair is not a trunk

Tell us the truth or else we will hang you upside down

This is what I am saying, bury him

You had this fodder for 200 cows. Now eat 100 grams of this fodder

Sir how can I eat this? It is for the cow not for man

Buddy, shove it into his mouth

This is how we bury the criminals. We are the CBI after all

Oh shit you have pushed the fodder down my throat

I have never been treated like this. You know who I am? I will call up the Minister and the whole media as soon as I am home

I see you will call up the Minister, let us show him view of the ground from 10th floor

Enjoying the view like you do in the Multiplex cinema, tell that Minister as well. We will show him this Cinemascope while his turn comes

Oh my God! Please spare me, forgive me   

Hey you are scared shit now. This is how we bury people, we are after all the Cbi

How was the view? Wasn’t it like the first day first show?

Sir I am ready to pay you as much as you demanded. Don’t hang me again

What is this smell in this room, man

Check if he has wet his pants with potty

Sir when you make me eat the fodder and then hang me it has to be potty not the sweets   

You have soiled our chair. Your partner was here an hour before and has spilled all beans about you

We gave him the same treatment

He also threw out potty within 5 minutes 10 seconds

Sir allow me to go to the toilet

Oh why not, and let us shove his head into it

Note down your confession right now here is the pen and the paper, write all the details how you siphoned off the loan money and where have you buried it

Shouldn’t we bury him?

Sir I am writing it right away, why are you hell bent on burying me

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