If the luck is good then someone shopping at the Tesco Supermarket in Coventry, UK may find a poem alongside the product he/she is buying. According to a report by The Coventry Telegraph, a mysterious visitor is placing poems alongside the products very meaningfully.

Two poems, printed on plain paper, have been found in the grocery store so far. One was the poem Bread, by modern American poet W.S. Merwin, which was was placed in the baked goods aisle. The opening stanza of the poem reads:

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Each face in the street is a slice of bread

wandering on


The second poem was “Deer” by another American poet, Kenneth Rexroth:

Deer are gentle and graceful

and they have beautiful eyes.

They hurt no one but themselves


Men have invented several

Thousand ways of killing them.

Police have not found the offender yet but certainly this is not the first time he/she is leaving notes in the grocery store. In December 2016, notes telling customers that they “don’t need these chemicals” and to “stop counting calories! YOU LOOK GREAT” were found on boxes of diet products in the same grocery store.

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Featured image courtesy: zhurnal-ks.com

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