A convicted rapist raped his six-year-old granddaughter after asking her to ‘open her legs for poppy’. The step-grandfather then sexually assaulted and abused her. The man from Queensland, whom we cannot name here for legal reasons is facing a half year prison sentence in court.

Earlier this year, he was found guilty of rape, maintaining an unlawful sexual relationship with a child and aggravated indecent treatment. He has allegations of abusing a young girl between the age of six and fourteen. The girl knew the man as her poppy. Court documents say that the man from Bundaberg repeatedly touched the girl’s genitals during ‘hugging’ time on family holidays to the Gold Coast.

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The girl now aged 17 recalled that the man would place his hands down her shorts after forcing her to climb in the bed with him.

‘I remember him saying “can you open your legs for pop? Open your legs for poppy”,’ she said during the trial.
‘He didn’t get that far because I was young. He was trying to do it. It hurt.’

A phone recording was also played in the court, where the old man could be heard apologizing to the girl after she questioned him why he abused her.

‘I don’t know darling. I’ve apologised for what I’ve done and I can’t do anything about it. I can’t take it back,’ the man responded in the phone recording.

The defense team asked the Court of Appeal to quash his rape conviction because there was no penetration but Justice Phillip Morrison said the girl had felt pain. The man lost his appeal to overturn his sentence.

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