Egypt, known for the giant pyramids has unfortunately failed to register its name to have the largest pyramid of the world.

Mexico has won the race as researchers have discovered an immense pyramid in the area. It is even larger than Teotihuacan’s Pyramid of the Sun. This giant pyramid is 75 meters in height which was explored National Institute of Anthropology and History. Located in Tonina Chiapas, it is around 1,700 years old.

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The director of the archaeological zone, Emiliano Gallaga said that it took two years of hard work to verify this largest pyramid in Mexico. It was compared to pyramids found in Tikal and El Mirador but was found much larger.

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This pyramid is a seven level building that were served as palaces, temples, housing and also for the administration office. It was major building for social, religious and political structure. It also has roads running through it.

This temple pyramid was started building from the 3rd century BC to 9th century AD. The base of this complex is 450*450 meters and a height of 66 meters.The estimated volume of this complex is over 4.45 million cubic meters. As per recorded in the Guinness Gook of World Records, this pyramid is the largest monument ever constructed in the world.

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