Salman Khan asked Priyanka to get out of the Big Boss house and this time he was not kidding. Bringing a shocking twist to ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’, host Salman Khan set aside the eviction process to throw Priyanka Jagga out of the house. And shut Om Swami up – quite literally. While we continue to debate how much of this is to pull up the sagging TRP of Bigg Boss, it did make for a hugely entertaining episode.

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Here’s a sneak peek.

Taking into consideration how much we have suffered because of this self-proclaimed holy man, Salman wins our hearts by asking Manveer to tie a piece of cloth over Om Swami’s mouth. And refuses to take any more nonsense from him. Kya swag hai bhai!

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Salman also praises Manu for keeping peace in the house and names him ‘Man of the Week’. Let’s hope he keeps his head, this one!

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Not only did she make life unbearable for others in the house and make personal attacks, Priyanka Jagga even takes on Salman when he accosts her for her abominable behaviour. The result? A Salman firework to remember!

And he gets a standing ovation from the housemates.

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