Can you ever imagine that a pig can be used as a weapon to counter a giant elephant? No? But it was actually used in ancient times.

Ancient Romans used flaming war pigs to counter elephants. We all know that early men used animals like dogs, cats, horse, elephants and even rhinos to in the battlefield. The one who had more animals with him was considered powerful. These animals were even used for transportation for personnel and battlefield. But who would use pigs as a war weapon? Romans did!

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About 240 BC, pigs were used as an interesting weapon which was utilised in ancient Roman warfare as a countermeasure against war elephants. The property that made this animal useful was their ability to terrify elephants. The concept was though quite brutal because the pig was covered in tar and then lit on fire near elephants, defending this giant animal.

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pigs in the battlefield


According to Pliny the Elder, elephants are scared of small sequences of fire this is why when pigs were set on fire, they walk behind. This is confirmed that 275 BC the Romans exploited with sequencing pigs on fire. When they were burned, they would run uncontrollably in different directions, causing a confusion to the elephants.

Also, Ancient Romans even used pigs as the military weapon. interestingly, no other people of the world used pigs as a weapon, in any part of the world. The use of pigs in the Roman military was recorded by the military writer Polyaenus. The elephants bolted in terror from the flaming, squealing pigs, often killing great numbers of soldiers on their own.

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Also, elephants which were trained by the military would not obey the orders because of burning pigs.

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