Actress Priyanka Chopra has expressed her displeasure over the demand for a blanket ban on the Pakistani artistes in India in the aftermath of Uri attack, saying it is not justified that actors alone have to bear the brunt.

Since the terror strike last month, there has been a growing demand for a ban on Pakistani artistes, with Maharashtra Navnirman Sena even issuing an ultimatum to them to leave India and Indian Motion Picture Producers Association (IMPPA) passing a motion to ban artistes from across the border from working in the industry.

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Recently, Cinema Owners and Exhibitors Association of India announced it won’t release films featuring Pakistani artistes in four states, Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka and Gujarat.

When asked about her opinion on the debate, Priyanka said, “It’s tricky because first of all artists and actors are always held responsible for every bigger political agenda that happens in our country. Why are only we reflecting it? Why not businesses, why not doctors, why no politicians why not anyone else except for public people which are actors, movie industry…”

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“Second, I’m extremely patriotic. So, whatever my government decide to keep the country safe I go with that but at the same time, I believe that artists are not a representation of, at least not yet, there has not been an actor who has done something to harm someone’s life,: Priyanka told a leading media house.

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