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Saba is seen speaking about Hrithik Roshan. If Hrithik were to ask her to marry him, how would Saba refuse. To this, Qamar answers, “Who is going to marry the father of two kids!!”

The host then shows her a photo of Emraan Hashmi, and asks her to say ‘no’ to a film with him. “I don’t want oral cancer!” comes Saba’s reply.

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Then there’s a photo of Ritesh Deshmukh too. Saba: “Look, I’m an A-list actress in Pakistan. I work with only A-listers.”

And finally, Salman Khan makes it to the screen. Saba says, “Bahut chhichhore hai aap! He doesn’t follow the choreographer at all. He invents his own styles. What is this, man!”

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We’re not sure how the actors would react to the video if they were to come across it, but fans are pretty angry with the said video.


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