Who can deny having tripped in their lives? No one! We once were kids and we did trip. Children are vulnerable beings. They easily stumble because of an underdeveloped balance system and also because of their cute fatty feet (aww! aren’t they adorable?)

Films like Baby’s Day Out remind us how baby stumbles are adorable (although the kid in the film made the kidnappers fall more than anyone could ever stumble).

When we were toddlers, our parents used to make sure we were safe. No matter what happens, they would not let us trip or slip for that matter. That is what I thought parenting was all about, until I saw this video.

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The video is funny, yes, I won’t deny that. The toddlers tripping over each other will sure make you giggle hard. However, you really feel pity for the cutie-pie souls after a few seconds down the streaming. The parents seem to be more interested in recording their stumbles and funny falls rather than in helping them out.

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Whoever loves kids will definitely need to check this out. This will certainly make your hearts fill with warmth (they are adorable kids after all) .

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