Here comes, another amazing application from China that helps you to become fairer, taller and thinner with a single click. You do not need to hit the gym to make yourself slim, as this new selfie app from China is well capable of doing that for you. Although it sounds unreal, but this application is very much real.

Clicking a good selfie may not be as impossible as getting a decent photo on your Aadhar card but it’s certainly not easy. Hunt for the right background and the most flattering light so that the dark circles don’t show, then angle the phone at 45 degrees overhead to hide that double chin. But now there’s no need for all that selfie gyan, thanks to photo editing apps which not only put your best face forward but also give you a facelift in the process.

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Among the most popular is BeautyPlus Me, a selfie retouch app developed by Chinese firm Meitu. After lengthening legs and widening eyes of millennials back home, Meitu — which listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on Thursday and has been valued at $4.6 billion — is now helping Indians spice up their online appearance. In 2016, it was the number one trending app on Google Play in India. According to Ravish Jain, country manager Meitu, the app, available in 12 Indian languages has had more than 1 million downloads since it launched here in July. Worldwide, it has been downloaded a billion times.

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So what’s the secret behind its success? In a country obsessed with fair skin, it does what bottles of skin cream and lotion can’t — deliver lighter skin at the touch of a button. Some more taps on the screen airbrush away pimples and blemishes, and a quick swipe gives you a sculpted jawline and takes away a few inches from the waistline. Little wonder that Jain describes it is a “one-touch-beautification solution aimed at women in the age group of 18 to 35”.

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Apps like Snapchat and Instagram have long allowed people to apply filters and adjust contrast and brightness but selfie editing apps BeautyPlus Me, Lumyer, Retrica and PicsArt go a step further by enabling users to play around with their features and figure in order to fit the current beauty paradigm.

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