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New ISIS video urges ‘lone wolf’ attackers to ‘open the door to jihad’ showing how to make a bomb and decapitate a person with horrific ‘demonstration’. the sickening video is named as –

‘Explanation of How to Slaughter Disbelievers’

New ISIS video

The ISIS militants teach future terrorists through the best ways to murder. They show balaclava-wearing fanatic in kitchen explaining how to make a bomb. The video also calls on
jihadists to carry out lone wolf attacks on ISIS enemies. The instructional video, called ‘Explanation of How to Slaughter Disbelievers’, also features a balaclava-wearing terrorist in a kitchen, explaining how to make bombs.

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New ISIS video

Can you believe that?

The video makes references to attacks in Finland, Germany, Russia, France, and the United States of America. The video also pays homage to terrorists who have carried out massacres in Europe. According to the terror monitoring group SITE, the bomb expert takes viewers on a step-by-step guide on how to make deadly explosives. Footage also shows a trainer named as Abu Sulayman al-Firansi, teaching methods of attack – including what knife to use for a beheading and demonstrations on how to use it.

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French-speaking al-Firansi appears first on screen, saying:

‘We must fight them.
‘Even with the most basic equipment, they have kept crusaders sleepless and worried by fighting for ISIS.’
He then calls on Muslims in France to kill in the name of Allah.

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