The police of 24 Parganas, West Bengal, has arrested eight alleged fraudsters in the charge of trafficking three newborns. There is nothing more terrible I have heard today than this. And this is extremely heart breaking.

Sohan Nursing Home including Subhod Memorial Trust was raided for allegedly selling newborn babies in biscuit containers for the past 3 years in North 24 Parganas. The culprits used to announce the newborn dead and transferred it to the NGO. Later, the infants were sold to different parts of the cities.

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CID team of North 24 Parganas got hold of the fraudsters and arrested eight of them, while saving the lives of three newborn babies.

“Price rate was fixed as per the gender of the baby – male newborn baby cost Rs 2l lakh and female cost 1 lakh. This racket was going on for the past 3 years,” said West Bengal’s
Meena, who was a part of the mission stated “There was an information that we got that the newborn babies were being sold. Our team recovered three newborn babies and eight people have been arrested.” as reported from India Today.

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