WhatsApp has recently introduced another update and it comes with some cool features which make it more accessible and user friendly. The new version (2.16.7) is worth updating. The two main features which you need to know are,

1. Bigger emojis:

If the users send a single emoji in a group or private chat, it will be displayed in a bigger size than the usual. But, multiple emoji would continue in their normal sizes.

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2. Video Zoom in/out

WhatsApp now allows you to zoom in and out while recording a video. You could just slide the phone up and down to zoom in/out after clicking the camera icon to record videos. Moreover, the recording will stop when users zoom in and automatically start when the perfect frame is selected.

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The other features include Olympic emojis which suits the current trend! The edit option has also been updated and users can delete, mark as read and archive chats in one go.

So, if you have not updated WhatsApp yet, go ahead and do it for a better experience!

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