Scientists at NASA are on a mission to provide a range of restaurants to the astronauts in the spaceship.

When astronauts in the Orion spacecraft travel beyond the moon to explore deep space destinations, they may have a number of food bars to select from in a variety of flavours like orange, cranberry or barbeque nut for breakfast.

To help reduce the amount of supplies Orion will carry for its crew, scientists are developing a variety of food bars that astronauts can eat for breakfast during the spaceflight, NASA said.

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“There’s no commercially-available bar right now that meets our needs, so we’ve had to go design something that will work for the crew, while trying to achieve a multi-year shelf-life,” said Takiyah Sirmons, a food scientist with the Advanced Food Technology team at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston.

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It is not a easy thing to do. Orion has to means of resupply so it takes all with itself and brings it all back. Not only is the resupply a problem but also the spacecraft needs to be light in weight in order to be fuel efficient. The heavier the craft it, the more fuel it requires.

The food bars, which are being developed in coordination with NASA’s Human Research Programme have been tested by crew members inside HERA, the agency’s three-story habitat at Johnson Space Center designed to serve as an analog for the isolation and remote conditions in exploration scenarios.

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Orion’s first mission with crew will launch as early as 2021 atop the powerful Space Launch System rocket currently in development, NASA said.

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