A mother has been having sleepless nights after seeing a ghost watching over her children in a photograph. The ghost of a civil war soldier has become the reason of terror in Charlotte Harding’s life. The woman visited the St Fagans National History Museum in Cardiff last month.


While there, she took pictures of her children. back home, she spotted a ghostly figure in one of the pictures. The ghastly figure appears in one of the bushes. she had been researching about the area since then and after spending sleepless nights found out that there was a Battle of St Fagans in 1648 in which 200 or more are estimated to have died in the area.

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Her research also revealed that Parliamentary uniforms looked ‘just like’ what she caught in her picture.

Ms Harding, from Cardiff, Wales, said, ‘The majority of people who have seen the photo think it is two soldiers in civil war uniforms, like two men talking together. I can see it too.

‘I had no idea that they wore a blue uniform in the civil war but then I Googled it and saw the uniform is the same. I couldn’t believe it.
‘I also think [one] might have blood coming down from his head. When I checked the other photos I then saw what looked like figures in another picture too.
‘I was very spooked out when I got home, only because my child is playing there so the mother side of me is reacting. If I was on my own I wouldn’t be as bothered.

Ms Harding added: ‘I’m not someone who goes out to do this [ghost hunting]. They just appeared in my photos.
‘I’ve not been sleeping properly since it as I’m really spooked out. It’s got my senses [going] haywire, I’m hearing noises and wondering “what’s that?”.
‘The place is known to have paranormal stories told about it. Everyone knows it’s a bit of an eerie spot there.
‘My mother lived quite close when she was a child and says she could hear children singing there in the night – even though no one was there.
‘My husband Richard is a skeptic and doesn’t believe in this stuff at all. He said “come on, it’s just flowers” but then he inspected it to prove a point to me and he got freaked out and said he couldn’t explain it. He has even been asking me to stop looking at them.’

Source: Daily Mail

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