Melania Trump, the third wife of presidential candidate Mr. Donald Trump, has done something no one had ever imagined. Her recent speech at a convention has literally shaken up the social media with videos and articles in response.

The video depicts the queer similarity between her speech and that of Michelle Obama’s speech at one of Obama’s conventions in the year 2008.

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You will be like this after seeing the video:

We at lafdatv were also curious to find it and soon got hold of the video that clearly shows how Mrs. Trump has really made a fool of herself.

Check out the video



Melania should not have underestimated people’s memory. Her speech is a serious case of plagiarism (how could she do that)? If you notice the video, you can understand how blankly she utters those words, without any emotion whatsoever, compared to what Michelle is seen doing.

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This whole incident is quite of a damage on Trump’s image. I mean the first of the first lady who copies other’s speeches. Man! can you imagine that?

We can understand that the would be first lady of USA has a lot of pressure on her shoulders, but copying that speech was really not cool.

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We at lafdatv have one advice for the lady –

Try to be a bit creative next time, dear.


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