Work stress is as common as having the sensibility to understand how terrible that work is. The world is running behind money and truly there are so many amazing things which money can buy. But if you look at the larger picture, your life’s content is not entirely some alien piece of papers. We don’t manage stress because we only see the need to manage things that give us money.

To lighten your stress here are a list of things you should do to keep yourself composed and cool:

  1. Be Sincere But Take Break

    Sincerity stress is a uniquely modern corporate trend. In fact sincerity can be a disease sometimes. Especially when deadlines are hanging round the corner.

    This highlights the importance of sometimes letting go of your work responsibilities to take a break. People have just forgotten how to enjoy life and be happy. Even when people go on vacation, they are not really vacationing, but are networking; they use their time to take and post photographs online, all aimed at projecting an image to the world.
    Secretary bad day2. Disconnect!

  2. This is what you need to do for your own self! In this hustle bustle how many of us really give time to understand and make peace with our own selves?
    Maybe you can avoid switching on your cell phone on the first 30 minutes of your day! Trust me it works.


    3.Re-consider Your Goals

    Our ambitions are so high that the moment we achieve a goal, our sights just move higher; we do not pause to celebrate and enjoy the achievement or to catch a breath. The boundaries have blurred and even accomplishment of goals does not make us happy because we have become so accustomed to constantly chasing targets. The most important thing to do is therefore to take stock of life – spare time to enjoy life and celebrate the achievement of goals.



    Learn to accept things as they are We can’t change everything, it’s not in our hands. What we can do is try our bests and even if we don’t it’s okay. What is done is done for. Harping over losses will only make your heart grow fainter. A large part of our stress results from social interactions, at home or at the workplace. And then comes expectations. Don’t worry. Don’t forget to let go.

    5.Calm the crazy Down!

    Till the age of 40 or even 50 we are constantly in a race against time, struggling to achieve as much as we possibly can. But if we forget to pause along the way, age catches up even faster, forcing us to do so. Remember, life is not a race, but is a marathon. Don’t live your life for other people trying to please others or to impress them; enjoy the smaller pleasures!


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