Can you believe if I say that the creature known for its power and destruction has saved a woman? No? Read the full story here!

The landlocked country of Africa, Ethiopia has a very harsh reality. Women in the region are not at all safe. They live in the constant danger and fear of being abducted, sexually assaulted or even forced marriage. According to the reports published on NBC news, kidnapping young girls has become a custom now.

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As per the report, 70% of marriages in Ethiopia are the forced weddings. The brides were abducted and forced to get married to the man without the girl or the girls’ family consent. The hateful custom is generally practiced in rural or the improvised area. Sadly, the 71 million people of the country live in these areas.

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So here is a story from Ethiopia of how a woman was abducted and saved by a wild animal. A 12-year-old girl was sadly abducted and beaten up by the men. The men were trying to force this teenage girl into a marriage. The family wasn’t aware of where the girl was, informed police.

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