Women know best about the needs of another woman. There is no doubt of being let down in this subject, it’s as true as the moon, stars and the sun!

Here is a list of tip coming from queer women on how to deal with the female prototype. And we think it is pretty amazing!

  1. Try to help your woman relax without patronizing her:

    Because trust me nothing is more attractive on this planet than a mirror! Be her mirror so she can see the world without any prejudice!

  2. Treat you woman like an individual and not an entity:

    YES! Please thank us for this one! She is made of flesh and bones just like you. There is no justification to treating her like you own her. It is really turning off!

  3.  Communicate

    As Cosmo notes, sex is a two-way street. Ask a woman what she wants, and be vocal in return. Nothing’s better in bed than all parties enjoying themselves. As Ali Adler, the author of How to F–k a Woman, notes, it’s all about coming together.

  4.  Tell her you like her body :

    As Kate Moore notes on Men’s Health, women spend their lives being told they are not quite attractive or sexy or interesting enough. “Try to feel alluring and sensual under those conditions.” So if you think your partner is all of those things, tell them.


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